The basics of nail care

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0.1 to 0.5 millimeters – that’s how much our fingernails grow on average per week. To stay in shape, we regularly use different tools.

But does it make any difference how we cut our nails? Yes!

File instead of nail scissors

Experts advise you to grab the file rather than scissors or snips. It seals the surface of the nails, making them less likely to tear.

It is important to always only one-way to file, from outside to inside – and to set new with each movement. Otherwise rough up the surface unnecessarily.

The right nail file

Prefer files made of glass or ceramic . These are a bit more expensive, but more durable than those made of metal. In addition, they are gentle on the nails.

The most common reason for brittle nails is a nutrient deficiency. To strengthen the nails, dietary supplements are suitable with silica . These are available in your healthy living pharmacy; the team there will gladly advise you on suitable products.

Give your nails the finishing touch

After shortening, many women are treated to manicures. This also often involves bringing the nails into a specific shape , for example round, square or pointed.

Before you start, take a look at your fingers. Because with the right nail shape you can make your hands shine even more:


The classic among the nail shapes is round. It is suitable for all finger types and both long and short nails. 
A variation of this shape is oval. It is ideal for those who have a wide nail bed, as it makes it a little narrower. To do this, work the sides of the nails a little bit harder than the top edge.


Straight edges are particularly suitable for long, narrow fingers. Because this shape is easy on and leaves the fingers visually a bit wider. 
Gently file the pages vertically from bottom to top and edge from outside to inside. The two corners are connected in parallel and straight.


You like something extravagant? Then your nails may like to be pointed. Since this form stretches visually very strong, it is ideal for short fingers and wide nails. 
Place the file at the center of the nail and pull it down at the corners. But be careful The sharper the nails, the easier they break off.

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