10 clothing tips for business women

Posted on June 25, 2018 By MeawBD

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Many style sins could be observed again this year, especially when it comes to business clothing. Anke Quittschau and Christina Tabernig of the consulting agency correct! advise all business women: who wears a short skirt should be able to appear elegant in it. By that we mean, for example, sitting down without giving any insight into the color of the underwear. This wants to be learned. Sit slightly turned towards the seat with your knees closed and do not roll your legs over. It looks more elegant if you place your legs slightly parallel or at the same time as your ankles.

The next embarrassing eye-catcher lurks when leaving the car in a short skirt. Here you should be careful to turn both legs closed at the same time out of the seat. So no unwanted insights are possible.

What are dress codes anyway? Dress codes serve sociologically to express the affiliation to a group. Inward as well as outward. For example, think of uniforms or the white clothes of doctors. Even fashion labels owe their origin to this phenomenon. With the little horse on the shirt, we signal the affiliation to a group and are perceived accordingly positively among like-minded people.

In business it is a bit more complex. In general, however, the (dark) suit, shirt and tie are generally considered by the men to be adequate work clothes. For women, the variety is much higher. An official “suit order” exists in the fewest companies. Of course, the style of clothing varies from industry to industry, but one rule applies to men and women throughout the workplace: Wear appropriate, well-groomed and well-fitting clothing and value a pleasant demeanor. Nobody should renounce his personal style, because charisma depends a lot on “feeling well”.

On the following pages we have compiled the most important advice for women who always want to leave a competent and sympathetic impression. Click on the red underlined “Next page” on the bottom right! 

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