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Posted on June 25, 2018 By MeawBD

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“I’m doing more sports in 2018!” Many people started the year with this resolution. But now, a few months later, it turns out that the inner bastard is often stronger than the initial will – the planned movement is left behind. Sometimes it helps to find allies with whom you can practice together.

The bad weather, an urgent shopping or a headache: when it comes to doing sports regularly, many are excused for excuses . A training friend is ideal to escape this misery. The fixed dates make it much harder to shirk sports – we do not want to disappoint our partner.

In addition, moving together is much more fun and spurs on. According to a Forsa survey from 2017, 51 percent of respondents in Germany already rely on such a common training – maybe you too soon?

The right movement for every target group

The most important thing when training together with a partner, mother or best friend is that you find a sport that is fun for both and does not overwhelm anyone.


Activities are particularly well suited for supporting and coaching each other , such as Freeletics . For training, we only need your own body weight.

Correct execution of the exercises are especially important so as not to hurt yourself. Your partner is ideal to verify this and correct it if necessary. In addition, each of you can adjust the intensity of the exercises to your own needs.

But hiking or walking are ideal – the main thing you celebrate success together.


Being active across generations is sometimes not so easy due to the different strength, endurance and coordination skills. But there are sports where you can balance the differences well, for example while cycling .

Especially popular with the little ones: a stop at a playground. She and her grandparents can rest while the children continue their romp. Well trimmdich paths are also suitable, where everyone can do the exercises along the way, which he likes.


When playing with your best friend or buddy, you are both a mentor and a competitor . They motivate each other, but at the same time they develop a healthy ambition to win the match or the practice round – a mixture that spurs both on to top form.

Ideal for this are all those sports in which only you as friends are in the center, such as climbing , a joint jogging or tennis .

healthy life tip

New exercises, success analyzes and nutrition tips: According to the Forsa study already 16 percent of respondents use smartphone appssuch as health, sports or nutrition programs to support the training.

Many of these apps are free – take a look at the App Store on your smartphone.

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