Merkel agrees with Spain and Greece on readmission agreements

Posted on June 29, 2018 By MeawBD

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Spain and Greece want to take back refugees who have already been registered in their country, says the Chancellor. She regards the CSU demands as fulfilled.

On the sidelines of the EU summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel(CDU) and her counterparts from Greece and Spain concluded a political agreement on the repatriation of migrants. This was announced by her spokesman Steffen Seibert via Twitter .

According to the agreement tweeted by Seibert, the two southern European states want to take back all those refugees who have already been registered by the local authorities and the data are stored in the fingerprint file Eurodac.

Previously, the heads of state and government of the 28 EU member states had decided to tighten up European asylum policy. During the night of Friday, in Brussels, among other things, they agreed to strengthen the EU border protection agency Frontex and also supported the possibility of refugee reception centers, both inside and outside the EU.

For a long time, the rest of the EU has worked hard for the approval of Italy, which, as one of the main countries of origin, is taking in a particularly large number of migrants from North Africa. According to the Chancellor, the main focus of the government in Rome is on so-called primary migration. She was approached with the measures she had decided on, Merkel said at the end of the summit in Brussels. This is another reason why there has not been a bilateral agreement on the repatriation of migrants, that is to say about the so-called secondary migration.

Merkel: “effective” with Seehofer’s demand

The quarrel with the CSU had also ignited in coping with this type of refugee movement. CSU leader and Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer insists on rejecting all those refugees who have already been registered in another EU country, right on the German border. The Chancellor rejects national unilateralism and pleads for a pan-European solution, supplemented by bilateral agreements. 

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