Muscle cramps: short and painful

Posted on June 25, 2018 By MeawBD

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They come without warning, in the middle of the night or during sports and are extremely painful: muscle cramps. Around 40% of Germans know this from their own painful experience. The muscles suddenly contract for no apparent reason, hurts and feels hard.

Although in principle all muscles can be affected, such “cramps” usually accumulate in the calves, thighs or toes. Although this is unpleasant, but mostly harmless and after a few minutes over.

For regular cramps a visit to a doctor is useful, because even different diseases, foot deformities or side effects of drugs come as a trigger in question.

Mostly, however, the cause of muscle cramps is in under- or over-challenged muscles or a temporary fluid and mineral deficiency (eg pregnancy, sweating, diarrhea).

First aid promises the stretching of the affected body part. Warmth, massages and ointments with arnica or rubbing alcohol can also bring relief.

For prevention , regular, moderate exercise, increased hydration and a healthy diet are the first choice.

Especially with athletes, the intake of magnesium has proven itself.

healthy life tip: Sporty start

  • Warm Up and Stretching
    Both reduce the risk of injury and cramping – allow plenty of time to relax and start your fitness program.
  • Power Drink Cocoa
    The ratio of carbohydrates and protein (about 3: 1) accelerates muscle recovery: Mix 250 ml of milk with 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa and enjoy the drink after exercise.
  • Magnesium supplements
    Athletes have an increased magnesium requirement. The mineral is not produced by the body itself and can therefore be supplied by magnesium-rich foods (eg, cores, nuts, whole grains) or as a dietary supplement.

The pain consultants in your healthy living pharmacy are happy to inform you about prevention and first aid for muscle cramps. Also, ask for a pain booklet.

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