Recipe for about 20 croissant waffles

90 g of butter | 100 g of sugar | 1 pck of vanilla sugar | 1 egg (size M) | 175 g of flour

Make ice cream waffles yourself – the basic recipe


Melt the butter, stir well with sugar, vanilla sugar and egg. Stir in 125 ml of cold water, add the flour and mix everything to a smooth dough. Leave the dough for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.


Preheat the waffle iron. Stir the dough again. For each waffle, place 1 tbsp of dough on the lower baking surface, close the waffle iron and bake in a golden brown for about 1 min. 


Take the waffle out and wrap it around the croissant to form a croissant. Let it cool down. 


Pull out the croissant mold. If you do not have a croissant shape, you can make the still hot waffles into little cups as you like.

Homemade ice cream wafers: variants

If you do not have a croissant shape, you can also make the homemade, still hot waffles into small cups or just bake thin little waffles and serve as ice cream pastries.

Ice cream waffles do not necessarily need the classic croissant shape
cups wafer

Put the hot waffles over a small glass of water and press firmly. This is how tulip-like waffle bowls are made. Or you squeeze the still hot waffles into a cup or a glass.

wafer rolls

Roll up the still hot waffles with your hands or wrap them over a small roller or roll mold and press down.