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Care for sensitive and allergy-prone skin

For people with sensitive skin and allergies, not everything is sunnier in summer. Often, small red pustules, known as heat allergy, occur. In the medical sense, however, this is a skin rash, which arises when the heat dissipation is reduced.

On fatty creams and powders, which can clog the pores in addition, should be waived. Breathable, airy clothing and the treatment with eg a zinc ointment are recommended.

Most important, however, is the cooling in the shade to calm the skin. This also applies to the “sun allergy”, in which pimples form on the skin, which are exposed to the sun.

Often these arise due to the sunlight in conjunction with applied sun creams or perfumes. For those affected, there are special care products in the pharmacy .

The general rule

  • If in summer sun, sea and chlorine water dry out the sensitive skin, a lot of moisture and low fat is required. Have proven easy emulsions with aloe vera or urea .
  • Daily gentle cleansing is important to rid the skin of sweat, dirt and sebum.
  • In the shade, care should always be taken to ensure adequate sun protection without harmful additives.
  • Those who also drink a lot, care for their skin from the inside and feel much more comfortable.
Ask in your healthy living pharmacy for a special consultation on the treatment of allergies and sun-sensitive skin as well as after an appointment for individual skin analysis and to check suitable products.
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