Tooth-friendly nutrition: how it works!

Posted on June 25, 2018 By MeawBD

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At least once a year – that’s how often we should go to the dentist and check for caries and Co. Our dietary habits help us prevent change.

Brushing your teeth: Please only after 30 minutes

The acids contained in foods soften the tooth enamel. After about 30 minutes, this has recovered a bit.

It is best to wait half an hour after eating or drinking before picking up on toothpaste and brush.

Saliva, natural protective film

Have you also noticed that you produce a lot of saliva after eating? This is a natural protection mechanism. Because he washed his teeth and cleans them a bit.

Just snack once a day

Enjoy your ration of sweets rather at a certain time , for example, after lunch, instead of in between. So the teeth come into contact with sugar only once a day.

Food with fluoride

In order to make the teeth more resistant to acids, you often resort to fluoride-containing foods such as fish and table salt with appropriate additives .

In your healthy living pharmacy, you also get various minerals-containing oral care products .

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