What do you have against soy bratwurst, Tim Raue?

Posted on June 29, 2018 By MeawBD

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“In monetary destruction, I am an absolute grenade,” says the star chef Tim Raue. In the podcast he talks about his story, love for truffle chips and tattoo dreams.

For many is Tim Raue the best German chef, which is perhaps because he does not cook German. At 24, he was “Rising Star of the Year”, 2006 “Chef of the Year”, 2017 the first German in the Netflix series Chef’s Table. Today, his restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg has two stars and is the only German in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world

In the podcast, the star chef explains why the business model of Spitzenküche is so complicated, even though he used to earn 10,000 euros a month as a chef. What it was like to grow up with an overwhelmed mother and a violent father, and what he learned in his Turkish teenage life course. He explains why he loves Spanish truffle chips, but he does not like champagne or beer, and reveals his secret on how to make salmon especially tender.

In addition, Raue only too openly tells of his tattoo dreams, sleepless nights because of a three-quarter million loan and why he prefers provocation, rather than satisfy all. Once in conversation, he sticks out his tongue, and then we surprise Raue with a guest from Kreuzberg.

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