Recipe for about 500 g of ice cream

250 ml of milk (3.8%) | 250 g of cream | 4 yolks (size M) | 90 g of sugar


Heat milk and cream, bring to a boil and let cool slightly. Prepare a hot water bath in a second pot.


Place the yolks and sugar in a whipping kettle and stir until smooth with a flat whisk. The slightly cooled cream milk (it must not be too hot, so that the yolk does not stagnate) pour into the yolk-sugar mixture and stir in quickly. Place the bowl of egg milk on the hot water bath without touching the water. Whisk the ice cream creamy with a flat whisk. This takes 8-10 minutes. Make sure that the water does not overcook.


Place the bowl of ice cream in an ice-cold water bath to cool and stir in 6-8 minutes. To cool completely, place in the fridge for another 30 minutes.


Prepare the ice cream machine according to the instructions for use. Fill ice cream container with ice cream and let it cool until creamy. Depending on the type of ice cream, this takes about 45-60 minutes. Meanwhile, pre-cool the ice containers in the freezer. 


Remove the finished ice cream from the ice container with a large spoon or spatula and place in the containers for storage and deep-freeze.