Whatsapp: Warning about fake competition for the 2018 World Cup

Posted on June 25, 2018 By MeawBD

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There is currently a nasty Whatsapp trap in circulation that would make you think you are the winner of a World Cup lottery.

The Association for the education on Internet fraud, false reports and computer security,Mimikama, warns of a currently on Whatsapp fuming, supposed Adidas raffle. And right from the start: The German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is not behind the raffle.

You have to pay attention to this: You get a message from a contact in your own whatsapp list. This may be something like this: “Adidas is giving away 2×10 World Cup tickets (final!), 5000 jerseys and 5000 pairs of shoes!” . Since the message comes from the own Whatsapp contact circle, the alleged relationship of trust is exploited here.

ZoomThis could be the message!

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If you follow the links from the Whatsapp message, you end up on a website that involves the visitor in a fake raffle. Which answers are given here is completely irrelevant, one is always the winner.

Then you should, as with most fake competitions of this kind, share this with a certain number of friends or acquaintances via Whatsapp. Afterwards you will be asked to submit your name, place of residence and telephone number.

Obviously you will not win any Adidas items or World Cup tickets in such a raffle. Rather, your data ends up with some dubious advertising companies that will bombard you over the next few weeks with promotional emails and phone calls. Therefore, it is best to delete such or similar sounding supposed raffles directly. 

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